The UK is Free from EU Rules

By Andrew Tan

At 11 pm, on December 31st, the United Kingdom (UK) finally ended the ties between the European Union and the United Kingdom. Now the UK doesn’t have to follow EU rules.

The UK Parliament rushed to get the agreement, and finished in less than 24 hours before the deadline. The agreement is more than 1200 pages. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson celebrated the fact they were free from EU rules. Not everyone in the UK is happy. Many people in Scotland want to rejoin the EU, and become independent from the UK. Brexit (Brexit is a word made up to describe the “British Exit“) would have been hard on both sides. Meanwhile, the UK is small, so they may have suffered a lot from leaving the EU. Even though the UK left the EU, the people haven’t changed in day-to-day life. According to News for kids, “But Michael Gove, who’s in charge of Brexit for the UK government warned that there will be “bumpy moments” in the future.” The UK will have troubling times but will get through them.



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