The Tennis Coach of Collierville

By Khrishnav Parasuraman

Tony Cherone was 11 years old when he started playing tennis. He is now a coach for the Collierville High School Dragons in Collierville, Tennessee.

His career started when he beat a pro tennis player at the Port Royal Racquet Club in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Immediately after, the resort offered him a coaching job. He declined the offer and took up a job teaching juniors in Memphis. “Cherone says becoming a coach was an “accident”, but he “fell in love with coaching after [his] first day of work.”” 

According to an interview in Sports Illustrated Kids, “Cherone realized the importance of developing an interest in the sport among the youth.”

He teaches players 4 to 70 years old. He also takes extra time to schedule matches.

In eleven years, Cherone now realizes the importance of playing sport.When whenever someone asks what motivates him his answer is simple: “I get more joy in seeing the successes of my students than any of my own successes.”



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