The Supernova

By Brayden Yin

Once, a gray rat found an interesting contraption called a telescope in the mailbox of the house that he lived in. He unpacked it and put it on his lawn. The label said the telescope looked 4 years back in time. It was long and with a clear lens on each end. When he looked into the lens, he saw a gigantic star starting to turn from yellow to orange to blue to red. The star was called Proxima Centauri, and little bubbles of opaque gas were bubbling out of seams in the star. 

The rat ran inside and checked what it was on his computer. It was a supernova. The rat found out that light would take a year to travel one light-year, and since Proxima Centauri was four light years away, and also because he had just seen the supernova begin, the world was doomed.  He had a quick snack of watermelon, and then he hopped on his motorcycle to get to the Kennedy Space Center and get a ride to somewhere safe before the supernova reached Earth. He started his motorcycle and started biking from his home in San Francisco. 

When he was almost at the island where the space center was located, a gigantic ball of fiery doom crashed down on the world. The rat was in the epicenter of the explosion. His motorcycle instantly melted into a slag heap and his fur started to burn. The rat stopped, dropped and rolled, and he finally shook off the fire. His head would be on fire if not for his helmet. There were people all over the street. Well, more like piles of ashes where people used to be. Buildings were melted and his feet were stuck in the asphalt. He silently thanked himself for remembering his helmet, and then took the helmet off. Suddenly, a large bolt of lightning came down from the sky and zapped the rat into ashes.

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