The Spectacular Journey of Bobby the Brave

By Jeddy Yu

One day Bobby Fischer woke up from a sweet little dream. He hopped downstairs and ate his bacon and eggs (Bobby's favorite food) made by his girlfriend. But Bobby had just one question in his mind:

“Can I go hiking by myself?” He asked Jennifer, his girlfriend. They argued for just what seemed like a second. But Jennifer did agree. Bobby highlighted the route he would take. So in the afternoon Bobby set on for what would be the best adventure of his life. He went to Saint Johns National Park to hike. He hiked up the mountain and went so high he could almost touch the moon, but then he started sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. Then AHHHHHHHH CHOOOOOOO! and with that his map was history. Bobby started to panic. The sneezing soon died down, but he was trapped. The mountain seemed like a maze to Bobby without his map… HE WAS LOST! After he had snapped out of the panic phase he immediately began searching for water and food. He found some bitter berries and water, but the berries were better than nothing. Bobby remembered something. He had a hammer and a piece of flint! So he worked and FINALLY got a fire to start. Then he went to sleep... But he woke up to a pain in his leg; it felt like a knife was digging into him… a porcupine. He remembered back when he was a kid his Boy Scouts teacher had told him how to take out porcupine spines: you have to twist then pull. So he removed all the spines but his leg was still throbbing. Then he dozed off. The next day he woke up by the sound of a helicopter. A rescue team had come! He hopped on the helicopter and flew back home. He was greeted by his parents and girlfriend. They celebrated their 4th anniversary and had a great time. Bobby’s map was history…

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