The SpaceX Capsule Landed!

By Andy Dong

The SpaceX capsule carrying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken landed in the gulf of Mexico on August 3rd. 

This SpaceX mission was launched two months ago. It was the first commercially built and operated space craft. More importantly, its landing was the first splashdown in 45 years. NASA is thinking of preparing for future launches next season and next year by working with SpaceX and Boeing aerospace company. When the SpaceX capsule landed in the splashdown, their speed went from an  extremely high 17,500 mph to a medium speed of 350 mphthen finally to low speed of 15 mph when they landed in the splashdown. A recovery ship with over 40 crew members including doctors and nurses came to rescue the astronauts. However, the potential problem was that some tourist boats got too close to the capsule, and they could have endangered the mission. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence congratulated NASA and SpaceX on a successful trip. Gemini and Apollo astronaut Thomas Stafford from the last splashdown 45 years ago was watching the splashdown and was impressed.



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