The Seahawks Are All In

Dear Editor,

Earlier this season, there was an extremely silly criticism that the Seattle Seahawk front office was not all-in to win the Super Bowl. They thought this because they did not sign Jadeveon Clowney again. He is one of the best defensive players in the league. The criticism alleviated when the Seahawks signed Jamal Adams, who was on the Jets and will without a doubt make their defense much better. With a record of 11-5, which is an extremely good record, how can anyone think that they were not all in? I thought that your article was very interesting and informative. Before I started reading this, I thought that it might be just explaining how the Seahawks were not doing well. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how many statistics you used.

A part of your article explained how the critics were wrong to say that they were not all in because they did not study the trends. You proceeded to explain how the Seahawks got lots of good players, including two pro bowlers. This part was very informative, letting me know how other teams made very good trades as well. Overall, I liked your article a lot.


Ian Hill

EWJ Student


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