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The Quest

By Celina Yin

Lucky knew this quest was going to be hard. For one thing, Mount Sysira was beyond the magical tree, which, for starters, took a long time to get to. Also, where was the shop? Was it hidden somewhere? Which side was it on? And, how high was the floating eternal tree? How powerful will the jumper boots be?

Lucky borrowed a map from her friend Koi the Cat, who was the town mapmaker. Koi welcomed Lucky cheerfully. “Hiya Lucky! How are you doing? Any maps you want to get?” “Yeah,” Lucky answered. “I want a map to Mount Sysira and their shop with the hover boots.” “Sure thing!” Koi said. He went into his workshop and came back with two scrolls. “You can have them both for 6 catcoins.” For humans, those two scrolls would be a dollar. The maps were intricately detailed, with things like “very high snow, do not go here” and “avalanches here.” Lucky decided to pay Koi 12 catcoins instead. “Thank you!” Koi said, and Lucky left the shop.

She followed the map, trekking through towns and cities. She reached a rocky mountain range after crossing a magical tree that tricked people into stopping in their journey. Lucky just ignored it. On the map, it said “DO NOT LOOK AT TREE.” Lucky stepped into the snowy landscape and located the tallest mountain using her friend Koi’s maps. When she found it, she looked up and the peak was out of sight, reaching far over the clouds. She followed a path on the map that said “To shop.” She found the shop, a little cottage. Lucky knocked on the door, and an old she-cat poked her head out. “Hello, dear, are you looking for something?” The she-cat inquired. “Yeah, hover boots,” Lucky answered. “Come inside.” The old cat said.

Lucky saw boots, necklaces, scarfs, earmuffs, anything she could imagine. She pointed to the assortment of springy boots with hoverboard engines on the bottom and chose some blue ones. “Two catcoins please.” The old cat said. Lucky gave her two catcoins and exited.

Lucky put the blue boots on her paws and immediately she rocketed off the snow and hovered gently. Lucky experimented with the boots. She found out if she went on her claws, she went up. If she leaned forward, she would go forward, and so on. Lucky flew through the air up to the peak. She saw a shimmering tree and grabbed a leaf from it. Well, tried. For some reason, she couldn’t grab it. She tried time after time. At last she grabbed a leaf. It shimmered in all different colors. Lucky sighed, stuck the leaf in her pocket, and traveled back to her home.

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