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The Prosecution Of Donald Trump

By: Yuer Li

All Americans know the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. He became president on November 9, 2016, which was a surprise to millions of people.

However, his presidency came to an end in 2020, against Joe Biden. Trump produced a 12-page statement explaining why he thought the election was stolen, and “How he was well within his rights to challenge the results by any means available".

It quickly turned violent. On January 6th, an estimate of around ten thousand Trump supporters attacked the Capitol Building, hoping to disrupt the joint session for counting the electoral votes. The electoral votes are used to determine who will be the next president. A few of the rioters were yelling "Hang Pence!" after he refused requests to overturn the election results.

Trump started a new legal team, in secret, to deal with Criminal Probe investigations, one of which includes changing the election in Georgia and taking secret documents with him when he left office. A third hearing discussed the scheme where Trump had an idea to have Mike Pence, vice president, to overturn the election, even though trump had been told it was illegal.

Trump is the only president ever to be impeached twice. The first time Trump was impeached was because of a misuse of power and obstruction of congress. One for soliciting foreign interference, one for holding up millions of dollars in military aid for one of America’s allies. These charges were made on February 5th.The second impeachment of Trump was because of The January 6th attack. Congress accused Trump of Intentionally inciting his supporters to march on the capitol.

Daniel L. Zelenko, a former federal prosecutor, said “the problem with Trump is that you have to try and get inside his mind, and he has such a history of lying and putting falsehoods that it makes it difficult to determine what he really believes.”

I believe Trump will be prosecuted, despite the challenges.

Article Link: Despite growing evidence, a prosecution of Trump would face challenges (

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