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The Pandemic is Making Equality More Unreachable and We Should Do Something

Dear Editor,

As I was reading the articles, I thought about how this pandemic has affected the world. While the richer countries are worrying about not being able to hold the Olympics, poorer countries are struggling at the edge of starvation and death.

Though maybe there is less profit in poverty countries, I believe that we should put them in priority. The pandemic is pulling the range between the rich and poor. I’ve once seen a video on Facebook about four siblings in Africa struggling to live under the pandemic. Their parents have died, so the oldest sister, who is still thirteen, has to go out to work. They don’t have money, the oldest sister’s salary is only enough for one small bag of flour. They can only eat one meal every day. On unfortunate days, when she has no job, they have only dry tea picked outside. So with this kind of situation happening, I think we should pay more attention to such problems instead of those in advanced countries.

The first thing to help improve this situation is to pay attention to reports about them. Also, we should learn why this is happening. One of the reasons is that advanced countries have more resources to help the patients and the vaccines, while the poorer countries are just suffering as the governor couldn’t do much. The range between poor countries and rich ones is increasing.

People are suffering there and we need to stop this. For example, we can donate money. There are many mechanisms providing health and education etc. support for them. In order to help, we can start by donating money to support them. By everyone's hard work, we can make the world a better place.

Sincerely, Ya Han Hsu




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