The NHL is back on the Ice!

By Brayden Yin

The 2019-20 hockey season was cut short in March when COVID-19 happened. On July 13, NHL players were seen in the rinks of several Canadian cities, training for the time when the NHL games would start again. The games will be held in Toronto and Edmonton, but the teams are practicing on their home ice.

The coaches for the Montreal Canadiens wear face shields, masks, and gloves to stop COVID-19 from spreading. All of the water bottles owned by the players are marked. In Toronto, a forward named Auston Matthews tested positive for COVID-19 in June. He quarantined himself and he is healthy now. 

COVID-19 didn’t affect the NHL much. A couple of people tested positive and now they are feeling “for the most part pretty normal for the two weeks. I did my quarantine and I'm feeling healthy now, so it's all good,” said Matthews.

Training camps are resuming in Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Edmonton. The games are resuming on August 1, and it will be great entertainment.



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