The life of a snowflake

By Andrew Tan

Falling down, down down. I was a snowflake, fragile, and small. The world was extremely large. Very few of us would survive until tomorrow.

My name is Snowball. I named myself that. Anyways, I was the last snowflake to hit the Earth. Children were playing there. All I was hoping was that they didn’t stomp on me. It got colder and colder. The sun went down and soon we would start melting. I was on top and I didn't like it there. The next day, the sun shined brightly on us. The kids came out so quickly that the wind blew me all the way to Antartica. I landed there right on a human’s head. On his head, it was like trees. He shook me off and I fell into the water, down, down, down. I was melting slowly and steadily, but then a seal came and picked me up. We flew together to the sky. We traveled everywhere.

Suddenly, I grew wings. I was having the best time ever. I visited all the countries that haven’t seen snow since the ice age. Then, I lost my wings and I went down, down, down, melting in the water. A snowflake’s form never lives forever, but always lives forever as a snowflake or as water or even as air.

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