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The Life of a Cat

By: Jaden Chan

My name is Toby. I am a cat. If I do say so myself, we cats have gotten quite popular through the years so I will guide you through a day in the life of a cat.

First off, when I wake up in the morning, it's as my director just told me, seven o’ clock. And I'm hungry. But my servant isn’t awake. So I go and meow and step all over her face and maybe even take a little leak if she's slow. She finally gets up and pours some food for me. Jeez, she's always so mean. She only gave me half the bowl today and said something that sounded like “yoo ned too loos weit”. I even try to act cute and all but she still doesn’t give me more. Sometimes, she leaves my house so i go to find some more food for myself. I go through my little door under her’s and out into the wild.

The only thing to fear in the wild are the giant metal boxes that sometimes eat the humans. They go at a really fast speed and you might get hit by one if you don’t watch out. Other than that, we cats are the kings. I usually get a few rats or squirrels and go back home to drink some water. Then I go to our cat hangout which is called “The Crazy Cat Lady” house. She welcomes us and sometimes even gives us her food. Some stray cats live there and they are pretty cool. I stay and chat while waiting for my buddy, Jakie. He goes exploring with me and also hunts with me. He's not very careful so I have to make sure he doesn’t get hit by the servant-abducting boxes. I go home after spending a little time with him to eat my lunch that my servant prepared for me.

Around now, a white box comes near my house and my servant manages to escape it to come and feed me. She sometimes brings me little toys. My favorite one is this metal square that can fold. Sometimes she opens it revealing the little squares that make a clicking noise when I step on them. The other side of this toy shines a light that can change colors. Jakie told me it is called a “computer”. My servant thinks I'm cute when I play with this “computer” and takes out a “camera” to flash its light on me. Seriously, give me some privacy! She gives me a neck massage when she plates with this toy, but she doesn’t step on it. After she is done playing, she makes food for us and we eat. Then I go to sleep. And that is my life as a cat.

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