The Life of a Candy

By Andrew Tan

Hi, my name is M&M. That isn’t my real name but it's what “humans” call us. My real name is Jacky. Today I’m here to tell you about the life of a candy.

When I was born I didn’t know how. I was a round and my parents told me the key to survival is to look “ugly”. So, my parents chipped off some of my body. In my opinion I looked extremely bad, but one day I was in a bag and a human picked me up. The human looked at me disgusted and decided to throw me in a trash can. My mom and dad also got picked up, but they had chips in them, too, so the human threw them in with me. I sighed in relief that we were all okay. I watched as the human ate the M&M all one by one. Some got thrown in the trash can with us, but mostly they were eaten. The trash got filled with other things: paper, pencils, glue, and the M&M wrapper. Soon, we were picked up. I looked around in the darkness, no clue where we were going. 1 hour later, we got dumped with other useless things. It looked like we were in a dumpster. 11 hours later, a truck with lights came and scooped us up. It pushed us to…….. A VOLCANO!!!! We were pushed in, this was the biggest place, and had some many objects that were flailing in “our language”. I got pushed in, I tried my best to cling to the sides but other objects hit me and I tumbled down.

I fell down, down, and down. I hit the surface of the lava, I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs. It hurt, I burned so hard and bright that even the workers stared at me and were surprised. I would be reused eventually and have a new bright life again.

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