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The King’s Ship Found Deep In the Sea

By: Zelin Fang

In 2007, Julian and Lincoln Barnwell found the HMS Gloucester that carried King James II 28 miles away from the coast of Great Yarmouth.

On May 6th, 1682, the Duke of York, who became king James II, argued with the pilot for which course the ship should take, and the duke forced the pilot to take a route he doesn’t want to take. After that the ship hit some sandbanks at 5:30 a.m., so it started to sink. After about an hour, the ship sunk and around 200 people died.

In 2007, the Barnwell brothers found the HMS Gloucester with a small team. The brothers searched for the ship for four years and covered a large distance of 5000 nautical miles before their discovery.

Some of the items that they found on the ship will be on display in the Norwich Castle Museum in 2023.

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