The King of Atlantis (Creative Writing)

By Brayden Yin

2134 CE

Note: this is a translation of the cuneiform found carved on a thick clay tablet in Sector 37 of the Bermuda Triangle at the bottom of the sea. This area is home to unknown creatures and littered with the wrecks of Spanish ships.

Time of writing: ???

I am the king of Atlantis. My kingdom is the greatest of all time. I am favored by the gods, and I send thunder and lightning at the ships that come into my triangle-shaped kingdom. The reason I do this is because of pirates. The first time I met pirates, I foolishly let them onto Atlantis. They plundered the central temple and they slaughtered the livestock. There is a ship about to enter my kingdom right now. I will see what kind of ship they are and then if they are pirates, they will be destroyed. Those ships could fly! No matter what lightning I sent, they dodged it! I am sending my last resort. If any boat or flying boat or any type of transport comes, the crew will vanish and the transport will be thrown into the sea. This is at the cost of my kingdom. Atlantians will then go to various islands and do whatever they want. I am starting the incantation NOW. I will   End of translation

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