The First Day of my First Cruise

By Vincent Liu

One day when I was ten, I woke up really early, got in the car, and immediately fell asleep again. Hours later, my family arrived. I looked at the cruise ship. It had lots of ocean-related paintings on it: turtles, starfish, and a big cruise ship. At the top, there was a big water slide that went right over the ship. My family and I went into a building with security similar to an airport. After a bunch of security checks, we got on the cruise ship and ate lunch at a massive buffet. After eating some actual food, I ate three whole bowls of ice cream with tons of toppings. After a huge feast, I just sat there and played on my dad’s phone because nothing was open yet and we had to wait  until everything started opening. I waited and waited until everything started opening. After, once everything opened, I went outside and tried out the rope course. It was amazing! There were tons of ziplines and it was at the highest level of the ship, which was about sixty feet high, and there was this board that went over the ship. Some very brave people, including me, were brave enough to go on it. I ended up going on it about 10 times. After, I played mini golf with my little brother and then went to the water park, which consisted of a pool with giant waves, some giant water slides--the ones you go down with a tube-- AND a really fast one where you just go straight down. It literally drops you from the top, the ground just slides away and you drop straight down and then go through a giant loop into a little place with water activities for babies, and a hot tub for adults only. Then it was time for dinner. My family and I went to a really fancy restaurant and we had to wear really fancy clothing, too. After dinner, I watched a movie at the theatre. It ended at 11 and I fell asleep thinking about what I was going to do tomorrow.

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