The Expansion of Global Warming

By Kevin Bao

There has been a heat wave in the Arctic and that has expanded global warming. Global warming causes polar ice caps to melt in the Arctic or Antarctic, which increases the water level around the world. Soon, the Earth could be all water. That isn’t very good and so we hope to see less water in the ocean and more water frozen in the ice caps. The heat wave that is happening in the Arctic is just speeding up the process. That is bad and we want to see humans around a little longer. The melting in the Arctic is not good because the process can damage a lot of the islands like Hawaii and others. This warming is very impactful because this is a very surprising heat wave, since the Arctic is the coldest place on Earth. According to scientists, the temperatures can drop to -67 degrees celsius, which is very cold.  

The world is starting to heat up because of humans. This is why global warming is a really important thing to be aware of. It is also really affecting cities and towns near the top of the globe. In Siberia, Russia, Norway, and a lot of other northern regions, this is a really unbalanced change in heat and temperature. It will feel different for the people who live in the heat wave because it is supposed to be winter for them. 

This is also a dangerous situation because carbon dioxide is a very dangerous type of gas when there is too much of it and right now it is being spread all over the Arctic circle because the ice in some places has cooled down, too.

All in all, the heat waves in the Arctic are affecting the whole world.



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