The Earth is NOT Flat

By: Evan Mei

Dear Editor,

There are many flaws in B. o. B’s claims made in this article. For example, he claims that the name “Everest” is a morphing of the phrase “never rest”, and said that to go to the biggest mountain, you’d never rest, since it isn’t there. This is pure, faulty logic. “Everest” is the last name of a man who scaled the mountain. There’s no way “Everest” came from the phrase “never rest”. Even the Sherpas call it “Mother of the World”. Second, the people that have climbed it were not killed because they had to protect the conspiracy. They died from the cold, lack of oxygen, and a whole slew of other things that could kill a human.

Speaking of lack of oxygen, B. o. B. probably never paid any attention in sixth grade science class. When you move to a higher elevation, the air gets thinner. “Why?” you may ask. Well, think of yourself sitting in a column of air. If all the air were to be going straight down, it would weigh the same amount as a school bus. But, air has no property that says that it must go straight down, so you can stand up normally. As you move higher in elevation, the air becomes less dense, and you will be prone to oxygen deprivation. The Sherpas have lived there for many hundreds, possibly thousands of years, and evolution has molded them to be able to cope with such environments.

Also, it is nearly impossible for a mountain to touch the moon. The moon is about 238,855 miles away, so a hunk of rock and snow reaching up that high would be absolutely ridiculous. Besides, wouldn’t such a landmass collide with the moon, or anything? We have never seen pictures of a rock needle jutting out of the sky, nor have we seen it with our own eyes. Not even the Sherpas have seen such a thing, so it is impossible to believe such a ludicrous object could exist.

He also makes the claims that tall buildings are fake. Apparently, people are inhaling hallucinogens, to make people believe these structures exist. Well, first off, what about those who actually built this? It is impossible that we live on a flat plane with absolutely no tall buildings or trees or mountains. The universe has so many rules, most of which are too weird and wacky for us to understand. We do know however, that the universe is under no obligation to abide by the rule, “It has to be understood by humans” or the rule “Everything is perfect”. Such a task would be near impossible.

Also, he make s the ridiculous claim that the hallucinogens come from lizards. Of all the things in the whole, entire universe, he has to pick lizards. He claims that lizards shape-shift for this reason, and that they rule society. First of all, what are the chances that every leader in the history of mankind is a giant, human sized lizard. Second, is it even possible for such a ludicrous object to even exist? Is this even possible when you abide by the rules of evolution? How do they even know how to speak languages?

He makes many other ludicrous claims, amongst them, “global warming is fake”, “The globe may be a cube”.

This means something important, very, very important. People like this have not been taught to research things properly, or even how to think properly, and follow a train of logic. Don’t these things seem like things school should teach us? The education system needs to change. These people cannot think with proper logic and research the right sources.They have a general distrust and only cherry pick the sources that support them to an unreal extent. Although people like these are rare, it is not impossible for more and more of them to appear, and start to make a bigger impact on the world. So, please, please change the education system.


Evan Mei

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