The Cupcake that Was Run Over by a Lawn Mower

By Brayden Yin

In a hole there lived a cupcake. The “hole” was a preheated oven, and the cupcake was being baked. One day, when the thermostat was cranked up to 350 degrees, the cupcake thought that it was hot, so he jumped into his bathtub. However, he didn’t fit. That was because there was a blue whale inside. The blue whale crashed through the oven walls with the cupcake clinging to its tail flukes. The whale flopped around a bit, and then it finally flopped out of the house and into the Wilsey’s pool next door. The cupcake, still clinging on, had to reach up to hold his frosting, because if it fell off, he might have the danger of being mistaken for a muffin, a cupcake’s worst enemy.

 The cupcake called the National Guard using a walkie talkie, and they arrived in monster trucks. The National Guard captured the blue whale and ate it for dinner at the mess hall. 

 The General, General Muffinton, wanted to eat the cupcake for dessert. But after handling the wet whale, his hands were slippery and he accidentally dropped the cupcake outside the mess hall window, where it was smooshed by a lawn mower. The lawn mower driver was actually a really dumb thief. He was being chased by dogs. Most police chases were high speed, but this one was low speed. The dogs knocked the lawn mower over, and when one of the dogs ate the smooshed cupcake, dog slobber, squished cupcake, and grass clippings, made the dog who ate the mixture grow really, really big. At the sight of the dog, General Muffinton dropped his other cupcake into a slobbery area of grass.

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