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The Comet/Meteor that Destroyed Everything

By Andy Dong

One day in outer space, a comet lived with his comet family and friends. One day, his friend NEOWISE played a joke on comet Halley, who fell into comet lovejoy, who screamed. Comet PANSTARRS was trying to calm them down but he fell into this comet. This comet accidentally destroyed comet tuttle and then destroyed everything in the Andromeda Galaxy. 

Then he accidentally went into the sun but for some reason the sun exploded. He turned around but then smashed straight into Alpha Centauri, all three stars exploded. He then dived in a black hole but the black hole exploded for some reason. Accidentally, he made the Hercules constellation be part of the Bootes constellation. He kept causing trouble. He destroyed everything until a Cosmic Lasagna destroyed him. But it actually became a part of him. The comet kept getting bigger with more and more things. Involving…

328694120933585279387362 Black holes,

4320402 Comets,

192347892 Hypernovas,

83264132694857463987535632987584o2684236538342 Stars,

8345796248 Cosmic Lasagnas,

83745627634 Blazers,

2385469 galaxies,

7354718283193 planets,

724868268682 Quasars,

853467954353 meteors

41435788r nebula

836424848 Constellations.

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