The Cake that Destroyed the World

By Brayden Yin

There was once a baker, who made cakes. He was about to crack an egg into the thick batter, when the egg said:

“What’s up, doc?”

The baker was so startled that he chucked the egg into a bowl of light blue frosting.

The egg had no intention of being blue or being an Easter egg, so he concentrated, and suddenly sprouted arms and legs. He jumped out of the bowl and out the bakery window. He started walking along until he saw a covered swimming pool. He took off his eggshell and started washing it in the water under the tarp. He then put the shell back on, and was snatched up by a bird.

The bird brought the egg back to it’s nest, because the bird thought that the egg had escaped from his nest. The egg struggled against the bird, and shouted:

“I’m a chicken egg, not one of your eggs!”.

The bird, who was taken by surprise, dropped the egg into the window of an empty car. The egg glanced at his compass. He was facing south.

“Oh, boy! I’ve always wanted to go to Antarctica!”

He started driving the car, but was stopped by a policeman. The policeman said through the window:


The egg yelled out:

“Scissors!”, and drove off.

The egg had only been driving for two minutes when he heard a siren behind him. The egg concentrated for a long time, and sprouted wings. He flew out of the car and towards Antarctica.

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