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“The C.D.C. Urges Schools to Fully Reopen During the Fall”

Dear Vincent Ng,

I think your article is great! It has perfect grammar and spelling, I think. I can’t tell but I’m pretty sure. While I do agree that kids going back to school in the fall would improve their learning experience, I’m still worried about the virus, as most of the children in elementary school would be unvaccinated.

I feel like we should wait until the vaccine is available for children too, but learning at home is tougher, with no teacher around and less productivity, at least in my experience. Nothing is stopping kids from, say, opening YouTube in another tab….. Which I totally didn’t do sometimes.

Anyways, going back to school would be better for education, but the delta variant is spreading fast. I do hope to see my friends in person again, but I really don’t want to catch the virus. Maybe it would be okay if we are socially distanced enough.

I’m not as worried about the higher grades, since most of them are probably vaccinated. All in all, your article is perfect, but I somewhat disagree with what the CDC says.


Emily Gu

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