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The Australian Strikes Gold in Tokyo

By Kevin Bao

Kaylee McKeown won the gold medal for the women's 200 M Backstroke on July 30 at the Tokyo 2021 Summer Olympics. She held on to her dream and her recently passed father. She felt him for the entire 200 M that she swam, she said to a reporter after the swim. She Beat out Kylie Masse by only a little bit less than a second. This was a very comfortable win for the Australian. The Australians won a lot of the swimming medals as that was their strong event and Kaylee McKeown walks home and also brings 3 gold and 1 bronze medal with her. The Australian star just 20 years of age wins 3 gold medals and walks home happily along with her teammates Emma McKeown, Cate Campbell and Ariane Titmus. All of these women won golds at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and currently in 5th place right now for gold medals. All in all, Kaylee McKeown got the job at her first Olympics with or without her dad.

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