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The Apple

By Alexander Gu

One Saturday afternoon, I noticed an apple on my living room table. An apple isn’t that strange in itself, but I live alone, and I know for a fact I didn’t put an apple there. I was mildly perplexed, but I thought nothing of it. I went on with my night, and slept peacefully. The next morning, I awoke to my alarm at 7:30, prepared to start my day, when I noticed that the spot where my alarm clock should’ve been had been replaced by an apple, with the alarm clock right next to it.

This scared me out of bed. I began thinking of the possible scenarios.

“Is one of my relatives pranking me? Are there people breaking into my home to randomly leave apples laying around?” I didn’t know what to do about it, so I opened my window, and threw the apple outside. I then drove to my 9-5 office job. After greeting my coworkers and boss, I arrived at my corner desk on the 3rd floor. As I turn on my computer, I notice a hit of red behind the monitor. I go around to check, and lo and behold, it's an apple. I was shocked, but the feeling quickly stopped. Today is a company-wide “Celebrate your coworkers” day, so maybe someone left it as a gift for me. I took a bite of it, and got to work. By the time it got to lunch, I threw the unfinished apple into a trash can and ate my lunch. The rest of my time at work was uneventful, and I drove home.

When I unlocked the door to my apartment, I hung my coat up and collapsed on the couch. I felt something crunch under me. I look down, and I see an apple with a bite out of it stuck in the crack of the cushions. Now I knew something was up. There was a teleporting apple following me around. Not much I can do about it though. I tried eating it, burning it, and many other things. Any time I completely destroy it, it just appears in perfect condition later, although I have noticed that it will keep and marks made on it that don’t break it. Now I use it as a reminder, as it follows me around so I can always look at what I wrote on it previously.

What I thought was going to make my life terrible ended up helping it.

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