The 2020 iPhone or iPad Photo Winner

By Lauren Yue

The winner of this year's Apple photo shooting is revealed.

This competition is called the ‘Oscars’ of cellphone photography. This competition shows how skilled these photographers are and only allows iPads or iPhones. The photographers try their best to take stunning photos to win 1st place. The woman who won this competition this year is the photographer Dimpy Bhalotia. She took a picture of Indian boys leaping through the air.

This proves that today’s mobile iPads and iPhones are equipped with very impressive cameras. Mobile apps and some add-on lenses to improve the shots were also allowed in this competition.

The competitors have nowhere to send their photos except their own social media. These competitors mostly compete in categories like animals, abstract, architecture, children, landscape, lifestyle, news events, people, portrait and travel. 

People were mostly curious about who was the winner for this year and the winner is finally revealed for 2020. Dimpy Bhalotia is the winner for this year.



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