Teachers Threatening to Go on Strike

By: Jonathan Xu

Dear Editor,

With the nation opening up for school in the fall, many teachers oppose the idea of returning to school. Some are threatening to go on strike if the school districts really decide to open the schools back up before public health officials deem it safe.

Some people may think that a long duration of online courses could fix this problem, but there are teachers who are fighting to limit the required amount of time a teacher has to spend online over the course of one school day. Delays and cancellations of standardized testing or exams have also heavily impacted the learning community. Parents have seen their children struggle in the spring, and many may have realized that they do not learn even half the material that they would normally learn at school due to the difficulties that online schooling brings with it.

Education is not the only thing that is harmed. A student’s mental and social health are also affected by the months cooped up at home, and never seeing a single friend face-to-face since early March. Some students who have ADHD or with special needs may not be able to focus on learning using the online education tools provided for them.

It doesn’t seem like there is a solution that does not impact both sides. Teachers may not want to attend traditional school because of the current situation, while students may need the upcoming education, which will affect their future lives.

The best we can do for now is to benefit both teachers and students. To provide an optimum solution, schools and staff could agree on a staggered approach on reopening schools in the fall. It may involve a partial return to school, where only a select number of students may be in the school at the same time, while others remain at home. This way, everybody would be able to attend school, while social distancing is supported.

Teachers and students alike need our encouragement during conflicting times regarding fundamental decisions such as reopening schools and social distancing. We must show our support, and be willing to accept what is to come without conflict, because it is the best for the community.

(Of course, you may raise objections if you think there is a better way to approach this situation while taking all sides into consideration)


A concerned student

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