By: Alina Dang

Water splashed down from the sky. He walked towards the front door and grabbed one of the fifty umbrellas. For the residents of the small town, it was just another day in the rain. He went to a small library nearby and as soon as he entered the building, a menacing sound belted Lightning shot out of clouds, yet nobody paid any attention to the weather. He never questioned the unusual behavior because it was just another day.

Summer came, but there was no change in the weather. For the past 16 years, he has never questioned why it was always raining. There were thunderstorms, and there were drizzles, but it never stopped raining. He has always just accepted this. However, it all changed one day when his curiosity got the best of him. He has always thought that the whole world was like this because he has never left his town. He started doubting that there was only rainy weather.

During the fall, he tried to explore the town and get as much information as he could. After a few months, he had scanned the library clean. There was nothing to be found. Looking out of the window, he knew it was just another day for everybody else.

Winter arrived with sleepless nights. He was kept up at night, for his mind never left the topic of the unusual weather. During storms and drizzles, he used his imagination to create visuals of the sky without the clouds covering it, without the rain pouring down. He visualized lightning and lamps not being the only source of light.

One day, he decided to drive as far as he could to see what he could find. He got in his car in hope of finding something different. He drove through the rain, listening to the raindrops hit the roof of his car. He was seeking something extraordinary.

Suddenly, the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and something bright and shiny peaked out. He is astonished, for he has never seen the sun. Instead of the raindrops hitting his car, the sunshine shot from above. He stopped his car to admire the rainbow forming in the light blue sky. He whispered under his breath, “It is not just another ordinary day.”

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