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Suni Lee Earned Her Glory In The Hardest Of Ways

Dear Ms. Bass,

I am writing this to tell you my feedback on your “Suni Lee earned her glory in the hardest of ways” article.

First, I liked how you added details about different events and descriptive words. I also like the structure of your article, with a good catch at the beginning and a very nice ending. I liked the contrast in the beginning with the “we knew”s and the “ this we did not know, until now.”

I agree that everyone should be looking at Team USA all together, not just Simone Biles. Suni Lee also deserves to be noticed, because she’s an amazing gymnast too. Biles was in the spotlight as the brightest star, while Lee was standing in her shadow, barely noticed. Simone Biles has withdrawn from the all-around event, so now Suni Lee has done all she can for her team, like becoming their team leader, the position that the team hopes will get a gold medal.

Next, some things you can work on is explaining what GOAT is, and putting in fewer questions because I feel like you want the reader to answer.

Overall, I think this article is very well-written, gives people information about Suni Lee, and the Olympic gymnasts.


Celina Yin

SOURCE: https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/29/opinions/suni-lee-olympic-glory-bass/index.html

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