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Summer and Winter

By Celina Yin

Winter strutted around the land of Arkiotus, and every time his icicle boots touched the ground, everything around it turned to ice. He looked coldly at the frozen, pitiful creatures that he had frozen, snorted, and kept walking.

Meanwhile, in the city of Cloudless, Summer gracefully glided, summoning all her sunpower to brighten up the animals’ spirits. She gazed lovingly at the animals, and kept gliding.

They were both heading to Lotustown.

Winter froze everything he could see. He didn’t care a bit. He wanted to freeze Lotustown. He reached Lotustown before Summer did. He closed his eyes and froze it, with an ice shard and crystal over the town to make sure the spell was kept.

Summer then reached Lotustown. She was shocked to see her beautiful town frozen. She saw Winter grinning evilly. She got mad. It happened rarely, and it was so intense. Her bright clothes and body turned to dark clouds. She crackled with anger and electricity. Summer flew up to Winter, glaring fiercely. She smacked him hard, once, twice, three times.

Winter’s ice froze Summer’s warmth casually. He knocked her away easily, as she was smaller than him.

After a few hours, Summer warmed up again to her usual self. She picked up a frozen African lion from a zoo and stroked it soothingly and gently. By every stroke, the lion’s ice layer became thinner, and when it was gone, Summer touched the lion, and it became dazzling. So dazzling that everything else got turned back and the ice shard and crystal shattered.

Winter was GRUMPY. “Alright, hm, let’s see.... I want a contest.” “Ok!” Summer said. “I dare you to be like me for one day, and see if you hold it. We will meet here tomorrow. Let’s see if you pass.” Winter said. “Sure! I’ll pass easily.” Summer trilled.

At home in the bright mountains, Summer was Winter. Her cheerful bright sunwalkers were now icicle boots. Her bright happy face was now icy, plastered with a frown, and with her long golden hair, now icicles, Summer was changed.

The next day, Winter swaggered out to Lotustown to see Summer. When he got there, his mouth dropped. Summer looked like a female version of him, with the same frown, icicle hair, and the same arrogant pose.

“As you can see, I’ve kept my promise.” Summer said, in the same voice that Winter usually talked in. “O-ok.” he said. “Ok. I have seen that you have kept your promise. Change back now.” Summer changed back. “I will give you a reward. Of all the things in the world, what do you want?” Winter asked. “Either more pets, a calico cat, something fun to play, or one of all the animals in the world.” Summer replied. “All of them.” Winter decided. He gave Summer all that she wanted. Then, they became friends, and they both lived in peace.

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