By Hanna Qian

I went Skiing at Canaan Valley with my friend, Angela, over winter break. It was our first time skiing in a long time. Since skiing is like a sport, if you do it once you’ll get the hang of it the second time you go skiing. We went on the green trail with both of my parents and we also taught my sister how to go down the magic carpet! We stayed safe and had fun!

The first day we arrived our parents had a hard time finding each other and finding the lodge we were living in. There was a bunch of snow there because we were on the mountains and there were deer, a bunch of trees, and narrow roads. We unpacked our stuff in our tiny comfy lodge. We watched movies, played games, and had delicious food that my friends' grandparents made.

The next day we woke up and got ready to go skiing! We got our snow pants on and ate some breakfast so we had the energy to go skiing for 4 hours. We went on all the trails we could find and also had our sister go on the magic carpet with us! As we started skiing and getting ready to head back to the lodge, it started raining all of a sudden--and not drizzling, but pouring! So, my friend and I thought the snow would be all mushy and gross. How about waiting a little until the rain stops. A couple hours later we decided to get to the place and get our last feeling of skiing. So, we went out with my dad because my mom thought it was too cold, which was true. That night was Christmas night and we had a Chinese meal called Hot Pot. We also played games on our nintendo switch and watched movies!

On Christmas Day I went and checked and Santa left us with so many presents! I couldn’t wait to see what my parents gave me and my friend! I opened my present and my mom gave me a Harry Potter mug and much more. I couldn’t wait to go home and see what other presents I got left at home! I knew I got an iPhone because something suspicious was going on with my mom. The box was also shaped like an iPhone case, so I knew I had gotten one. As I opened it, I was right I got an iPhone 10! I was so excited to tell all my friends and ask what they got!

As much as I loved my gifts and going skiing with Angela, I also knew that my mom knew I was responsible enough to go and have an iPhone. Skiing was so much fun and also celebrating Christmas there was a blast too! Especially when all of us haven’t gone on a trip in awhile. That day I wished everyone a Merry Christmas or Hanukkah!

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