Scientific Breakthrough: Scientists Found a Way to Use Shadows

By Vincent Liu

Scientists have recently discovered how to use shadows to generate power. The new device, called the shadow effect generator “uses the contrast between bright spots and shade to create an electric current. That current can power small electronics, such as a watch or LED lights.” (Science News for Students

This new device is inspiring and full of potential. Some people say it could be used someday to generate electricity for people. Currently, all it does is make a small electric current. Someday, it could be used to generate all the electricity humans use. 

This breakthrough also inspires many people. Scientists found that even a shadow can be useful in some way. “A lot of people think that shadows are useless,” Tan notes. But “anything can be useful, even shadows.” 

This device works in a complicated yet very genius way.  Tan and his team  “made it by coating silicon with a thin layer of gold. As in a solar cell, light shining on this generator energizes electrons in the silicon. Those electrons then jump into the gold. Light boosts the voltage of the lit metal, making it higher than in the dark part of the generator. Electrons flow from high to low voltage. So the difference in light levels creates an electric current.

This inspiring and amazing device is an example of the future to come. Humans started out living in caves, making fires, and wearing pelts and skins of animals. Now, society and technology are advancing. Imagine what it would be like in the future.



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