San Francisco Zoo’s Adorable Baby Penguins Graduate From “Fish School”

By Lauren Yue

San Francisco has penguins that just graduated from “fish school.”

San Francisco’s penguins hatched and were brought to a school called fish school. That place is where the penguins get trained on how to swim, eat whole fish, and interact with their caretakers. These penguins were all hatched in the same month, May. Some penguins can jump into the water really fast, while others sometimes  need a slight nudge from their trainers to jump into the 200-foot-long pool. 

There are some banded penguin species, which include the African Penguins, Galapagos Penguins, and Humboldt Penguins. They are the birds that migrate from place to place.

This year, the zoo wanted to throw up a celebration to celebrate the graduation of the penguins, but because of COVID, the celebration was moved to August 8, which has already passed. But now because of local oil spills, it has caused a big damage to the penguin species. About 42,000 penguins die every year.

We want to protect the environment for penguins. The penguin species is now dropping.



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