Runaway M&M: Creative Writing

By Andy Dong

Once there was a M&M who lived in a box at Costco. One day in the store, the M&M heard a voice over the intercom. The M&M thought that the noises were very loud so he jumped out of the box and rolled away. People kept trying to grab the M&M and throw it away in the trash but the M&M escaped. The M&M kept rolling away, but people kept chasing him because at Costco, at that time for 2 days, there was a discount for 20% off of whatever they bought if they threw away an M&M. 

The M&M got so desperate that he looked for a place to hide and chose the place where they make and sell cakes. He jumped in an M&M cake on the top shelf to blend in with the other M&Ms. The problem was, he fell off the cake and almost cracked open his shell. After he got away, he jumped into a taxi to escape. Later he found out the taxi was headed for the beach. So he went to the beach to relax after a long day. But the person next to him tried to grab him because he thought the other person had dropped it and he knew about the 5 second rule. The M&M jumped into the ocean.

Then, a whole school of white bass fish came up and tried to eat the M&M. The M&M quickly called the U.S military using a super emergency miniature waterproof iPhone. The military came to save him. The other people on the beach had to wonder what in the world the U.S military was doing at the beach. 

The military ate all the white bass, and they wanted to eat the M&M too. But there was only one M&M, so they were planning to cut it 1.3 million ways so they all got an equal part. At that point, the M&M jumped out of the window and straight into the dog’s pen. The dogs quickly ate the M&M and the people were angry at the guard dogs for eating the M&M that they wanted to eat.

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