Resorts Are Taking More Safety Precautions Because Of Mid-Pandemic Skiing Boom

By Andrew Chan

Cannon Mountain, a popular resort in New Hampshire, claims that they have sold about 20 percent more season passes this year. These season passes allow travelers to ski all season long, and can be quite pricey. Cannon Mountain would love to sell more of these passes, but we are all in the middle of a pandemic, so Cannon Mountain has limited the amount of sales on these season passes. Cannon Mountain has done the same to regular ski lift tickets, which are also in quite the demand. This is just one of the many procedures resorts are doing to stay safe and healthy during a mid pandemic. Cannon Mountain has also limited purchasing tickets to being online, to avoid huge crowds of people at ticket windows, and has added rules that masks or gators are needed to be worn around the mouth and nose.

Though these are relatively simple rules, some do not seem to follow them. Every so often, an angry skier refuses to wear a mask and shouts insulting and rude comments at the workers.



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