Rescuers Search for Survivors in Norway Landslide

By Julia Xiao

On Monday, the police said that they have found the bodies of 7 people killed in a landslide in Norway over the course of last week and are still searching for survivors.

In the village of Ask, 30 miles northeast of Oslo, 3 people remained missing after the disaster. The landslide on Wednesday,which had caused people to evacuate from the area, was related to quick clay, which can collapse into a liquid state when overloaded, the officials said.

6 of the victims that have been recovered on Friday have been identified. The last one has not yet been identified. The victims that were identified includes: Eirik Gronolen, 31, Lisbeth Neraas, 54 and her son Marius Brustad, 29, and Bjorn-Ivar Grymyr Jansen, 40, Charlot Grymyr Jansen, 31, and their 2-year-old daughter, Alma Grymyr Jansen.

It is still unclear what had precisely caused this incident.

Some citizens are afraid to move back to their own homes due to the landslide. They are afraid that this incident may happen again.

Although Landslides in Norway are relatively rare, another in the northern area swept 8 buildings into the sea. Fortunately no one was injured.



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