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Republicans Divide in Unity as Trump Disregards Virus

By: Kevin Lee

As the coronavirus worsens, Republicans have been breaking up in unity across the country. Republicans do not feel as if Trump will be a great leader and have been recently faltering in their faith of President Trump.

Trump has been incorrectly guessing the virus’s course in the U.S. and has not exhibited a great example for the American people. He has not emphasized the importance of wearing a mask in public and overriding top health advisor’s comments about the virus. Journalists Alexander Burns, Jonathan Burns, and Maggie Haberman write, “But no such appeal was ever forthcoming from Mr. Trump who asserted days later that the virus would just disappear.”

Republican governors from different states have been distancing themselves from President Trump and have been setting restrictions to oppose Mr. Trump. They have held calls to exchange ideas on controlling the virus. Governor Asa Hutchinson, governor of Arkansas, has been openly showing his misgivings with President Trump, requiring all people to wear masks in his state at any Trump rally. He has also said that national leadership must set an example with mask-wearing.

Senior Republicans have been wary of Trump’s comments on the coronavirus situation in America. Once aligned with President Trump, many have taken to following Dr. Fauci’s advice to wear masks, which has also been repeatedly suppressed by comments by Trump and right-hand advisors.

Republican lawmakers have also been frustrated with the party’s arguments between each other. Mitch McConnel, a Senator from Kentucky, voiced his opinions against Trump’s idealistic predictions of the virus. “The straight talk here that everyone needs to understand is: This is not going away until we got a vaccine.”

Joe Biden’s popularity has also been pushing sentiments against President Trump in the Republican Party. Former speaker Paul Ryan said that Biden has been winning over Trump in a 70 to 30 in suburban voters due to Trump failing to be a constructive role in the pandemic.

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