Reopening Schools Is Way Harder Than It Should Be

By: Alina Dang

To the Editor:

In the United States, the coronavirus is still infecting and spreading quickly. It is almost the time of the year to open schools, and it will be much harder than expected. Most schools are unable to reopen fully and are searching for another way for education. Most schools are turning on to offering both online courses and in person courses. Some places, where the virus is more controlled, are considering a hybrid option.

Covid-19 is a deadly virus that is highly contagious. Although it has spread all over the world, the U.S has the most number of confirmed cases. This has caused a conflict on how education should be delivered to students while decreasing the probability of getting infected. Students' health is the priority. However, schools do not only need to consider what students and parents think, but they also have to make sure that teachers are willing to go back to school based on the decision of the school.

The virus is not going to be cured in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, going back to school will not be an easy task. This can be resolved by making both educators and students and parents take a survey on whether they prefer to go to school or to take virtual courses. It will be best if they had the option to change between the two every grading period.

Alina Dang

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