Recordings Reveal New Facts about Narwhals, the Unicorns of the Sea

By Lauren Yue

According to CBC kids news, narwhals are mysterious creatures and the scientists are still trying to discover more about them.

Narwhals are shy creatures, so they are hard to study. Narwhals eat fish and that is their main food. Like bats, narwhals use a process called echolocation to help find food. Narwhals have sound effects to help them communicate with each other. During his research in Greenland, geoscientist Evgeny Podolskiy with Japan’s Hokkaido University discovered that the closer the narwhals get to their food, the faster they click. When they get really close to their prey, the buzz they produce sounds almost like a chainsaw.

Male narwhals have a single long, spiral tooth that sticks out of their heads. This explains why narwhals are called “unicorns of the sea.”

Narwhals have very unique talents to help them get to their meal.



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