Realistic Cinderella

By: Jaden Chan


Once upon a time, someone wrote a fairytale that somehow ended perfectly, known as Cinderella. In this world, there is no way for something to be perfect so this story is not very realistic. Now, I shall make the story a little more realistic and certainly more modern. Let's start again.

Once upon a time, in the streets of Brooklyn, there was a family. It was a broken one. The father was a drug addict and loved to gamble money. The mother was the only one in the family that worked. She had to work at least 12 hours a day to support her broken husband and daughter who learned from the father. Their daughter’s name was Cinderella. She learned all of her horrible habits from her father. She liked to hit other kids and stole money to buy beer. When Cinderella turned 10, her mother died of heart failure due to overworking and stress. Cinderella and her father didn’t think too much of it since the only time they spent with her was when she was giving them money. Their only remorse was that they didn’t have a source of income. A week later, the father married a very kind woman, just like his previous wife. She had two daughters which were both caring as well. After the new mom and her children were with the father for a few years, they saw his true self. She wanted to divorce, but she pitied Cinderella.

Now, the mother and her two older kids went to work and all Cinderella had to do was wash a few dishes, but she was so lazy that she thought she was being enslaved. She also thought that her two elder sisters went off to party during the day. She over time, grew to hate her two sisters who really were the kindest people to her. One day, after years of gambling and draining money, her father finally won some back. Of course, he was drunk when he won this money and spent it on the nearby concert ticket seller. He gave it to his wife and she decided to not waste it and just go. Because this mother was a caring one, she decided to not let Cinderella go to a place with people that might be a bad influence. She and her two older kids snuck out to the concert that night. Cinderella happened to overhear them and angrily followed them because she felt left out. This concert, like her mother had thought, was full of gangsters and drug addicts. Cinderella snuck into the party and was definitely not prepared, even with the things she learned from her father. The words they were using and the drugs were just bizarre. There was one person that was the most bizarre. This person was not the most good looking but used a lot of “colorful” language and had drugs. Lots of them. For some reason, Cinderella took a liking to him and went up to him to talk. They talked for hours. This guy turned out to be a drug dealer and taught her how to use them. Cinderella lost all of her senses and started screaming and shrieking. Her step-mother heard her and freaked out. She began to look for her and soon started chasing her, as her drunk daughter was running. She ran all the way home and locked the door behind her. As drunk as she was, she fell right into her bed and forgot about her mom.

The next day, a certain love stricken drug dealer went around town trying to locate Cinderella by using her pipe that she dropped while running. He had never seen her face because of the dim lighting at the party. She had written her name on the pipe which meant it was her handwriting. No one seemed to know who owned it was until he got to a more run-down place. Someone opened the door and standing there was his dear. Her mother and sisters had gone off to work. With her new loved one, they planned to sneak out and run away to live a peaceful life of selling drugs and running from cops. They would not be legally married because she could get located that way. The brat would spend the rest of her life wasted and drunk. After all, what's the point of being sober when your husband is rich and has an endless supply of wine? The end. Now, you might be wondering what's the point of a fairytale that doesn’t end happily? If you really want a happy ending then here.

After the mother and two sisters learned that their beloved drunk had run away, they were overcome with sadness and grief. They thought she had loved them. They didn’t really know because they were working all the time and barely spent any time with her. They thought about what to do. The father wouldn’t feel sorrow because his daughter was only a drinking buddy to him. He cared even less for his wife and her kids. They were only there to give him money. They thought about it and since their only care for this trainwreck of a family had left, they decided as well and left the father to fend for himself. The step-mom married a husband that she actually loved and actually had a job as well. The two sisters both married lovely men. The end

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