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Rain Forests

Dear Brayden Yin,

In your article, you told the readers that the loss of the Amazon rainforest has been the highest in the twelve years. It made me think about how humans had destroyed other species only to make ourselves comfortable. As you said,” Over 4.280 square miles have been destroyed.” We really need to do something to stop this situation, especially in Brazil.

No one could deny that other countries are positively calling Brazil to stop deforestation. However, while other people are worried about rain forests disappearing, maybe we aren’t looking at the view of Brazil’s government. For the government, economic development must be a focus. Brazil’s economy isn’t as strong as those of America or other European countries. The Amazon rainforest is a good source of business to them, so when other countries are telling them to stop deforestation, of course they wouldn’t want to accept. After all, the rain forest is in their country. It doesn’t sound fair when others are telling Brazilians not to use the resources in Brazil while they keep developing their economies without hindrance.

Luckily, other countries are aware of this. In 2015, the Paris agreement’s fifth article suggested “Parties are encouraged to take action to implement and support.” We can see it is agreed that not only certain countries are responsible for protecting the rainforests, but everyone. For now, the global’s goal is to coordinate consensus. Then, countries without rainforests can help develop the economy of those that have rainforests. One day, deforestation will be stopped without sacrificing the economy in relatively disadvantaged countries.

Thank you for writing this article to let more people know and be aware of the situation in Brazil. I hope one day humans will be able to live peacefully with mother nature.

Sincerely, Ya Han Hsu

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