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Rafael Devers Finalizes a Three Hundred Million Dollar Contract with The Red Sox

By: AB G

Rafael Devers, a professional baseball player, is in the process of signing a 331-million-dollar deal to play for the Red Sox. The Red Sox are using nearly unprecedented cash to secure him as their star third baseman.

Devers was born in and grew up in Sánchez, Dominican Republic with his parents, Devers and Lucrecia Garcia. Devers’s cousin, Jose, is also a major league baseball (MLB) player. Devers is now 26 years old and has a three-year-old daughter name Rachell.

Devers started his career in 2017 when he was only 20 when he signed with the Red Sox. He was a great addition to the team as he was the youngest Red Sox player to hit a home run since Tony Conigliaro. He became Boston’s regular third baseman with his prodigious skills. In 2018 he hit his first career grand slam; this was a huge milestone for him that he had accomplished.

Because Devers is an all-around good baseball player, Boston decided to offer to sign him again. Boston is offering a ten-year contract for 313.5 million dollars. Devers feels that “money can’t change me,” and he is signing this deal for his passion. The Red Sox are now deferring 75 million dollars to pay back to him in 2043 when he is 46 years old.

“He’s been in every camp, he’s been in every instructional league. He took every step throughout the organization and now he’s the main guy here.” said the Red Sox’s manager Alex Cora.

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