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Protect Us From Natural Disaster

By: Logan He

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter because I strongly believe that we should help the people who have been affected by earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. We should provide help and special services to prepare for natural disasters and rapidly respond when they strike. For example, we can target places where earthquakes have a high probability to happen. Our effort should cover all major natural disasters possible, such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions.

Although the recent earthquake on the Alaskin peninsula on July 22, 2020 did not do a lot of damage, this serves as a reminder we must have services ready to help any time a disaster might hit. We will save millions of lives if we put the services to use and will prevent lots of damage. We may already have first responders, police or firefighters but they will be used in different jobs and will be overwhelmed because rescuing people from natural disasters is not in their trained range. FEMA is not adequately prepared to protect us according to The Guardian. We need something better.

A lot of people will have animosty because this will increase government spending and the rise of taxes. But this will protect us from any natural disasters and we have less of a danger from nature. And we do not have to worry as much if we would die from a natural disaster. This will also increase the number of jobs on the market and can be beneficial to the economy by increasing consumer spending because people who get hired will have more money to spend. This will cause the economy to go up.

To summarize the benefits of creating a workforce that specializes in providing help before and during natural disasters, number one it will increase the amount of jobs on the market, and number two it will increase consumer spending due to people having more money.

We can also expand this to manage disasters overall like oil spills and leakages and build mass cleanup teams. We could also incorporate volunteers to help with managing the disasters so we would not have to raise taxes.

Thank you,


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