Professional soccer players are starting training again

By Andy Dong

Pro soccer players and teams are starting training again on Zoom and through personal practice. 

Like many sports, soccer has been put on pause to try and stop the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Coaches have reached each other on zoom and some teams have decided to resume training. Soccer teams are starting to train together again later. Pro teams train very much like kids these days. They train by doing team talks on Zoom and doing practice drills at home. They train their strength and they also stretch. For strength training, the players are given dumbbells, and for stretching, the players are given bands and other stretching equipment that will help them train. “We also gave [the players] the option to either do a yoga class or a kickboxing class once a week,” Says Soccer Illustrated kids.  Young soccer players are training very similarly to pro soccer players now that everyone has to train from home.



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