Polar Bears in Danger

By Lauren Yue

   The polar bears are in danger.

                             Polar bears are dying because of global warming. The Arctic is slowly melting away. Polar bears hunt the seals on the ice. All polar bears hunt for food on ice, and now the ice is melting. The polar bears cannot find food now just because of global warming. Polar bears populations are also now decreasing because they are having a lack of food. 

                             The lack of food also leads to another problem. The mother polar bears cannot produce enough milk for all her babies. So that can let the babies die because 1. Not enough food for the mother and the baby. 2. If the baby dies, then the population of the polar bears will decrease. If the polar bear population decreases too much, then soon the polar bears will be extinct.

                             Polar bears are the largest carnivores that live on land. They keep the ecosystem of the world balanced. If losing them, it would throw the habitats off balance.

                            We would want to keep the polar bears safe and not get them extinct, so protect the world and let our hope come to reality.   



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