Poetry Challenge: Honor MLK By Describing How You Dream A World

By Andrew Chan

58 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech and changed history. In his poem, there is a line that says: “I Dream A World”, as well as another line from King’s speech that says: “talk of dreams, freedom, equality”. As we move on, into 2021, we can all find inspiration from these two quotes. So, to show some people what that inspiration is, poet Kwame Alexander and host Rachel Martin suggest people write away the problems of last year, and look forward.

So, to kickstart 2021, Alexander and Martin want people from around the world to write down a poem that describes the world they dream of. The only rule is that they must start their poem with the line: “I dream a world”. You can make it anything, as long as it talks about a dream of a new world full of changes.



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