Plane Crash Leads to Fatal Results

By Warren Feng

At about 3 p.m on Sunday, October 4th, a small seaplane landed in water at Whitestone, Queens in New York. The seaplane crashed into the pier, resulting in 1 person dead and 2 injured.

This month, in Whitestone, Queens, a small seaplane landed in the water. However, it skipped twice on the water, crashing into the concrete pier. Fortunately a jet skier was able to rescue two of the passengers, although the jet skier was injured as well. Witnesses have observed and explained that the plane was traveling very fast, slamming into the pier. Fire commissioner Daniel Nigro explained that the plane was “broken in pieces.”

The injured people were given care, and the mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio asked the people of New York to “please keep these people and their families in your thoughts tonight.”



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