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Pets of the Presidents

By Celina Yin

Did you know that pets are a tradition of the presidents? Keep reading to learn about three of the presidents’ most plentiful pets.

First, there is President John F. Kennedy. He had five horses, seven dogs, three birds, two hamsters, one cat, and one rabbit. Fun fact, one of the Kennedys’ dogs, whose name was Pushinka, was a gift from the leader of the Soviet Union. Pushinka’s mother went to space in the Soviet Union’s space program.

Next, there is President Calvin Coolidge. He had twelve dogs, seven birds, two cats, two raccoons, and probably more! Fun fact, Lady Grace Coolidge brought Rebecca, the first family racoon, to the White House’s Egg Roll for Easter.

Finally, there is President Teddy Roosevelt. He had five guinea pigs, one lizard, one rabbit, one barn owl, one bear, one pig, one badger, one pony, and more! There was also a one-legged rooster. Out of all the pets that Roosevelt had, the guinea pigs were the most popular.

As always, pets are an important tradition of the White House.

Source: https://www.timeforkids.com/g34/first-pets/

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