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People Shouldn’t Be Rewarded for Recycling

By Celina Yin

People should not be rewarded for recycling, and here’s why.

Some people can’t recycle, and the ones who do get the rewards, which most people think would be unfair. Some people think recycling is time-consuming, especially the people who don’t have a curbside garbage service, and have to take their garbage to a recycling place. Also, people will keep buying recyclable things, which will create more waste than before.

Also, the reward doesn’t have to be money or a surprise. It can be praise, like “Great job!” or “Awesome!”. If people don’t recycle, you could say something like, “Let’s recycle next time!” or “Tomorrow, let’s recycle!”. It could be a website about recycling, or an ad about tracking your recycling, and providing positive feedback.

Now you can see, people shouldn’t be rewarded for recycling.


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