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Penalties for Anti-Maskers

By: Aarya Tyagi

Hello Frances,

Reading your article, I still wondered if there were any concrete ways we could enforce mask wearing, without brutality of course. Even in shops and restaurants where I live, I see people with masks on, but they are tucked under their chins, and nobody is saying anything. Some people don’t even wear masks, yet for some reason employees stay mum.

Maybe it could be possible to install more cameras around, that way people would be identifiable for not wearing masks, even when nobody is around. There are still problems with this method, as people might argue it would invade their privacy, and that it is expensive to install cameras and hire people to watch them.

If we try stronger police enforcement of mask-wearing (and wearing them correctly), I fear that they may go overboard, and start punishing offenders out of proportion to their crime. Police brutality is always an issue, and it is still going unchecked in our country. I believe the police are given too much power in confrontations, and yet due to our laws, people have to comply with these draconian methods.

What are your thoughts?

A devoted reader,


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