Pay raises for public workers

By: Jonathan Xu

Dear Editor,

Re “Britain announces raises for 900,000 public workers.” (News article July 21)

This letter is sent to you with the intention of analysis of the decision by Britain for a pay raise for public workers across the board (e.g. teachers, doctors, etc.) for their efforts during the time of the pandemic.

This situation has been beneficial to all of the public workers in Britain with the exception of nurses, which has become a controversial issue for discussion. The reason why nurses were not included in the pay raise for public workers was because nurses had negotiated a pay raise system in 2018 that was still active. It is intended to be a length of three year, with scheduled annual pay raises for nurses.

Now, an important issue arises. Why does the United States not do the same?

Nurses, doctors, first responders, and every other public worker in the states have all been affected in some way by the pandemic, either directly or indirectly, just like everybody else in this country. Yet these public workers cannot simply work at home. These public service workers are required to go out there and continue serving the public even through these times.

Recently, there has been much dispute over the Homeland Security agents, especially in Portland and their treatment of the outspoken protesters in the crowd. They have been put under enormous amounts of pressure from the government and the crowds. Doctors and nurses have been deliberately putting themselves in danger by working in the overflowing hospitals in the midst of a pandemic. These people all deserve at least a pay raise for their courageous actions during this coronavirus pandemic.

In conclusion I believe that the government ought to take additional action to show the public service workers our appreciation for the work that they have done for us in this uncertain time. A time when many superstitions and conspiracies thrive, in which these workers express much valor in the face of hardship.


Jonathan Xu, a thankful reader

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